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If you want many users to visit your site then it is indispensable for you to have, in addition to the work of Web designers, specialists in optimisation of Web sites. It is important for the design of your site to be eye catching and clear, apart from easily navigable. It is also crucial for it to be positioned among the first results in search engines such as Google. This is the only way to have a great amount of people visiting your Web site. Consequently, the task of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) experts is of the utmost importance. Bellow we offer a plain explanation on the way in which search engines work.

Search engines undertake to index Web sites by using programs called Robots or Spiders that incorporate Web sites to lists. Great amounts of people that arrive at a Web site do so through search engines. These do the search from what the users log in to find sites they are interested in. Search engines index Web sites according to the key words they use in the main text, their titles, images, hyperlinks, etc. Key words and key phrases are those that define best the topic of a Web site and that, consequently, can be those written by the public addressed when searching through search engines. Search engines have lists with a Web site ranking in which there are key words coherent and in bulks.

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SEO specialists undertake to check that every text in the Web site, form the main content, to the titles, hyperlinks and image epigraphs contain the key words of a Web site, that is to say, the major words and synonyms. In this way it is possible for a Web site to be positioned among the first twenty results in the main search engines. SEO experts will help you get valuable texts for your Web site, coherent and with different key words that will enable it to be listed by the most popular search engines, such as Google. Consequently, your Web site will obtain a great amount of traffic and your company will grow significantly.

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